The embodiment of the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, she rides a bull and carries a trident and a lotus in her two hands.


      She is the one who practices devout austerity. Filled with bliss and happiness, she is the way to emancipation - Moksha.


      She is the apostle of bravery; she rides a lion, and has ten arms. She drives away all evildoers and demoniac incarnation.


      Seated on a lion, she has a magnanimous presence, and possesses eight arms. Her abode is the Solar region.


      She is the Goddess of Fire. She has four arms and three eyes. She rides a lion.


      The chosen goddess of Vrindavan, she is alluring in her golden form. She has four arms and three eyes, she is seated on a lion.


      This four-armed form rides an ass. She dissipates darkness from amidst her devotees, and bestows freedom from fear and adversity.


      She is like an eight-year-old girl. She is intelligent and peaceful, possesses three eyes and four arms, and uses the bull as her vehicle.


      The bestower of accomplishments, this manifestation is worshipped as one blessed with glory. Seated on a lotus, she has four arms.

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