• Durga Puja

      To gain the grace of Mother Divine and receive Her blessings to remove ignorance, provide protection from adversity and eliminate suffering on an individual and cosmic level. Durga Pujas can be of various lengths, from two hours to six hours or more, and may be performed on a single day, or on consecutive days. The recitation of selections from the Durga Saptashati, a collection of beautiful hymns to Mother Divine, is an especially enjoyable part of this Puja.

    • Chandi Homa

      This is a more elaborate yayga that is understood to have powerful effects on the cosmic, global and individual levels. It is traditionally performed to alleviate the adverse affects of the planets, liberate man from all troubles, restore friendships, gain blessings of wealth and beautiful children, and to overcome enemies and evil planetary influences. Performance of the Chandi Homa includes Puja two to three hours long and a Homa (fire ceremony) that lasts approximately fours hours. It includes the recitation of all 700 verses of Durga Saptashate, a collection of beautiful hymns to Mother Divine.

    • How to fast for Navaratri?

      Strict fast is observed in Navaratri only Fruit and Liquids are allowed. No Grain or Flour is allowed. One meal should be taken. If for health reasons you are unable to fast in the above manner than you can have one meal but try to avoid grains.

    • Puja

      1. Commence worship and fast on the first day of Navaratri (morning and evening).
      2. An Akanda deep should be kepted burning all the time throught the whole Navaratri.
      3. Puja should be done as follows.
      Recite the following mantra:

      Aum Namo Bhagvaty Maha Durgaye Namaha

    • Puja to be done on a mutie or in front of a picture of Mother Durga.

      1. Offer water thrice.
      2. Offer pancha Amrit six times
      3. Offer water twice
      4. Cleanse murtie or sprinkle wateron the picture
      5. Offer Kum Kum (red) rice and Flowers Agarbatti Prasad (Fruit) all shoula be aone reciting the following mantra.
      6. Conduct Aarti using wicks dipped in Ghee

    • Jap Mantra


      This mantra should be recited 108 time to gain the greatest Benefit from the Fast.
    • Puja (Mantra to offer Dhaar)


      On the tenth day Vijay Dhashmi/ Day of Victory Visarjan to mother Durga is done and the fast is complete and salt can be eaten.
      The above fast is based on the scriptures and should be followed according to your means and capabilities.

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